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Youngblood Wigs

Youngblood Haircutters hairpieces are made of mono-fiber (plastic). Each hairpiece has memory curl fiber, this means that even after being washed they hold their original curl. Because Youngblood Haircutters specializes in hairpieces for IRISH STEP DANCERS, all of our hairpieces have appropriate curls for feiseanna and performances. Hairpieces can be cut shorter, if desired.

How to Match our Hairpieces to Your Hair

For $30 plus shipping we will send you a complete color swatch with all 28 of our colors. If you choose to return the swatch we will credit you $20. Included with your swatch will be our catalog, care instructions, and how to attach your hairpiece. To use the swatch, pull the girl’s hair back from her face and match the sample strand to the middle of her hair, never match it to the ends. If you are torn between two colors it is generally best to go with the lighter of the two. If the girl has highlighted hair we have several highlighted shades; these are the ones that have two colors mixed together. On the color swatch, highlighted shades are represented by two colors on the same swatch strand side by side. When you order one of the highlighted shades on a wig, the two colors seen on the swatch will be mixed together in the hairpiece. If we do not have your highlighted shade, and particularly if you are matching your hairpiece in the winter when hair tends to be darker, choose a hairpiece the matches the lighter hair. Never match hairpiece to the ends of the hair. Taking your swatch to your dance studio and putting a group order together is a great way to save money and help out frustrated mothers dancers, and sometimes teachers.

How to Order

Place your order using the shopping cart on this website. If you have any trouble placing your order or are having difficulty understanding any instructions feel free to call Youngblood Haircutters at (602)-253-8121 or E-mail Terry Kelley at Youngbloodhair@aol.com .

Hairpiece Care Instructions

Each time after the hairpiece is worn, spray five to ten squirts of the Wig Conditioner and five to ten squirts of the Wig Sheen Spray  onto the wig. Gently scrunch the curls to distribute both products; wait five minutes to let the hairpiece dry, then using your fingers, untangle any curls that have become matted. Reform the untangled curls by wrapping the curl around your finger starting at the base of your finger and the base of the curl; pet the curl with your other hand to make the fiber shiny, then gently remove the curl off of your finger.  It is best to store the hairpiece in the plastic bag it came in if it is a split curl wig, or a hard plastic container if it is a sausage curl wig, after it is dry.

Never use heat on the hairpiece (hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers etc…) as it will damage the fibers. However, you may use sponge rollers to loosen the curl. Remember,your hairpiece has memory curl fiber so it will not lose its curl or shape if proper care is taken.

Wig Care Kit: 8oz Wig Conditioner | Wig Sheen Spray | All for $20 – Click Here to order


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