Color Options

How to Match our Hairpiece to Your Hair
For $20 plus shipping we will send you a complete color swatch with all 28 colors. If you choose to return the swatch we will credit you $20. Included with your swatch will be our catalog, care instructions, and how to attach your hairpiece. To use the swatch, pull the girl’s hair back away from her face and match the swatch to the middle of the hair, not the front or the ends. If you are torn between two colors it is generally best to go with the lighter match. If the girl has highlighted hair, consider a highlighted shade, (these will be represented by multicolored strands on a single swatch, Example, 27/30). When you order one of the highlighted shades, the two colors you see on the swatch will be mixed together in the hairpiece, not split down the middle. If we do not have your highlighted shade, particularly if you are matching your hairpiece in the winter when hair tends to be darker, select a color that matches the lighter hair. However, it is important to never choose a color that only matches the ends of the hair. Also, consider taking the swatch to your dance studio and putting a group order together; it is a great way to save money and help out frustrated mothers dancers, and sometimes teachers.

NOTE: The colors you see on your monitor are approximate. It is reccomended you order the color swatch to view color selections better.

#2 Gothic Black

#4 Darkest Brown

#6 Dark Brown

#6/30 Dark Brown with Dark Auburn Highlights

#8 Medium Ash Brown

#8H14 Medium Ash Brown with Light Ash Brown Highlights

#8/27 Medium Ash Brown with Medium Red and Amber Brown Highlights

#10 Medium Warm Brown

#12 Light Golden Brown

#14 Light Ash Brown

#15 Dark Strawberry Blonde

#16 Dark Ash Blonde

#19 Medium Strawberry Blonde

#22 Lightest Ash Blonde

#24 Light Blonde

#24B Light Golden Blonde

#24/14 Light Ash Brown with Light Ash Blonde Highlights

#24H613 Light Blonde with Lightest Blonde Highlights

#25 Dark Ash Blonde

#27 Medium Red/ Amber Brown

#27A Cherry Red

#27C Medium Strawberry Orange Red

#27CH24B Lightest Strawberry Blonde
#27/30 Medium Read/Amber Brown mixed with dark auburn #30 Dark Auburn #33 Mahogany Brown #613 Lightest Blonde (Toehead Blonde)